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  • What should/can I wear?
    You might be thinking that to be a pup and attend Kennel Klub you'll need the very latest in chic Milano pup fashion; But you couldn't be more wrong. A simple t-shirt, jeans and knee pads is all it takes. Obviously many pups do choose to add a hood, harnesses, bandana, latex clothing, fursuits, collars and/or mitts; but to enjoy yourself and to let out your inner pup none of that is needed. Pop along to a kennel klub and see for yourself!
  • When and where does Kennel Klub happen?
    Kennel Klub is held on the first Saturday of every month in Machgester at BarPop on Canal Street. from 1pm till 5pm. You can usually find some waggy licky puppers and doggos in Via next door from around 12pm for the Kennel Klub premeet.
  • I'm a bigger build, will I feel out of place?"
    Here at Kennel Klub, we take pride in being an all inclusive and welcoming event. That means that whoever you are, however you identify, and whatever your build, we are here to make you feel welcome in a judgement free place with a fantastic friendly atmosphere. Our staff and organizers are here to help you get acquainted! So whether you're new to the scene, or a veteran, Kennel Klub welcomes you!
  • Where to stay?
    Planning on spending the weekend in Manchester to see some sights, below are some hotels that are close and generally inexpensive if booked in advance. Brittania Hotel, Portland Street. Reasonably priced, short walking distance to the village. Ten minutes walk from Picadilly station. Gardens Hotel, Northern Quarter. Simple, comfortable and reasonably priced. Close to piccadilly station, a seven minute walk from the village. Ibis Manchester centre, Princess Street. Clean and simple. Located two blocks from the village. Motel One, Manchester Picadilly. Located halfway between Manchester Picadilly Station and the gay village. Clean and modern, slightly more expensive.
  • How should I behave?
    Kennel Klub is a jedgement free, space for anyone who want to explore or learn about human pup play. We have many animals attend Kennel Klub from all walks of life: humans, pups, dogs, wolves, kittens, cats, foxes and everything in between. We're all one big welcoming family. Ask first if you're unsure; someone may be new like you and unsure how or what to do Respect the venue: We know you puppers like playing and having fun but please don't chew the chair legs or jumps on the tables or anything that may damage the venue Awoos will be fined 1 belly rub or scritch
  • Do I have to be a pup to go to Kennel Klub?
    We are all inclusive and you do not need to be a pup to go; there are many handlers or humans who are curious and still exploring and finding out what type of animal they are or even if they are a handler.
  • How do I get in contact with people and meet them before the event?
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