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Alton Towers Scarefest


This Halloween celebrate 15 years of Scarefest. As the nights get longer, tiptoe into Alton Towers Resort for all sorts of creepy scares, shocks and thrills. Expect spines to be tingled!

This year we have made three categories for those of you wishing to join us. Travel and park entry, travel only and ticket only to allow people to chose the option that suits them best.

2018-09-05 22.33.54.jpg
Tickets Here!

Book your park entry tickets and coach reservation here

Something puppy this way comes...

On the 22nd October a specially laid-on, private coach will pick-up everyone at 9am (outside Clonezone, Sackville Street, Manchester). We will arrive at Alton Towers for 11am where the day will be spent in the park until 9pm. At 9:30pm the coach will return to Manchester for around 11:30pm.  

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