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A Home for Human Pups


Kennel Klub is the largest pup event in the UK. Since March 2016, we’ve been offering a fun, safe, and welcoming space for human pups to be themselves in the heart of Manchester’s gay village. It features cushioned play mats which are very easy on the knees, our own private bar, toys, treats and dedicated DJ. You are welcome at Kennel Klub regardless of your gender identity, sexuality or race.

But we’re more than just a monthly get together. We’re a community. Over the past three years, we’ve taken our paws on trips to Alton Towers, marched in Manchester Pride parade, pulled Santa’s sleigh and more!

“Warm and welcoming, for a first timer last year I’ve always been made to feel welcome and made a tonne of new friends!” - Trouble

“A very warm and welcoming group. Good music, good vibes and awesome people! There's a lot to do and it's an all round favourite event of the month.” - Misty

“Kennel Klub gave me a fun safe space to just go and be the pup that I am. I love to bounce around the mats and enjoy lots of fun puppy antics with so many of my wonderful friends there. It’s an amazing event with an incredible community around it. I’m proud to say I’m a part of it and if you’re curious you should definitely come.” - Kit


Kennel Klub is the first Saturday of every month 1pm-5pm in the basement of Bar Pop on Canal Street in Manchester.

Where to find us
It's easy to get to KennelKlub

On the 1st Saturday of the month BarPop offers a friendly, unintimidating, judgement free space for all of us. With play space downstairs and a calm chill-out areas on the top floor. 

10 Canal Street,
M1 3EZ ,
United Kingdom

On the 4th Sunday of the month, The Bulldog Brighton is our home. This playful venue is a great bar with an atmosphere and a warm welcome.

31 St James's Street,




United Kingdom

It all started in March 2016...

We won't bore you with a history lesson but...


A couple of doggo's from Manchester Kaz and FoxB saw a lack of local pup events in Manchester. It started with a desire to provide a purely friendly, open and playful event for all.  Since then KennelKlub has grown and grown, and not only do we continue to see familiar faces each month , but are happy to see new faces every KK. 

Got Questions? 

Check out our FAQ if you have questions about the event, your first time or need some advise.



Where: Bar Pop, Downstairs in the Private Basement [Click here for map]
When: First Saturday of each Month, 1pm to 5pm
Who: Pups, handlers and anyone interested in meeting us! All genders, however you identify, everyone is welcome.


We have padded floor for pups to play on, toys to chew and chase, and of course, dog bowls for the thirsty!

For those handlers and those not wanting to play then we have seating, a great bar, music and obviously the pups to interact with.

We have a few rules we ask everyone to keep in mind while they are at Kennel Klub. We want everyone to have fun!

  • NO hard shoes on the mats: Socks, slippers, sneakers, and wrestling shoes are ok, but hard-soled boots must be removed.

  • NO watches, earrings, exposed body jewellery, etc. All non-removable body jewellery must be covered.

  • NO sharp or pointy things: Gear with studs is ok, as long as the studs aren’t longer than about 1/4″ (i.e. no spikes).

  • Protective gear is HIGHLY recommended: Knee pads, elbow pads, etc.

  • Use caution: When doing play that involves pulling with the teeth (e.g., Tug-of-War, etc.) please be careful so to reduce the risk of damaging teeth.

  • Drink : Pups need to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water.

  • If someone doesn't want to play - respect that and stop. Stop means Stop.

Code of Conduct

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